Surrey Police polling officer issued ticket for violation of bylaws for “publicity” – North Delta Reporter

Surrey City bylaws officers issued a ticket to a Surrey Police poll solicitor on Saturday (September 11th) for “publicity,” a spokesperson for the group said.

Bill Tieleman said a canvasser for the group, which is a citizens’ initiative campaign calling on the province of British Columbia to hold a binding referendum on the proposed police transition, was in Dogwood Park in south Surrey when a municipal officer issued them a ticket.

He said the post was for “publicity”.

According to the regulations, “No one shall deliver, distribute, display, paint or affix any advertisement, promotional material, poster, invoice or advertisement in a park without the prior written permission of the General Manager. “

Tieleman said “this is a bit absurd”.

“This is a petitions campaign authorized by Elections BC. It’s not like we’re advertising a car dealership or Coca-Cola or something. It’s about democracy, ”he noted.

“I would have thought that advertising would be something like a commercial product, as opposed to an exercise in democracy.”

The Now-Leader has contacted the City of Surrey for comment.

Darlene Bennett, organizer of the petition campaign, said it was “a continuing clear and blatant attempt to silence the people of Surrey and hamper a democratic process”.

Surrey Police Vote has already filed a bullying complaint with Elections BC against Mayor Doug McCallum. He alleges “possible intimidation and interference” against his volunteers.

Bennett asked Elections BC to launch an investigation, alleging the mayor tried to intimidate and interfere with authorized volunteers outside a South Surrey grocery store on Saturday, “threatening to have them kicked out by officers Surrey By-Laws Enforcement “.

This follows Mayor Doug McCallum claiming he was “hit by a vehicle” during an altercation with RCMP Keep in Surrey on September 4th.

Campaign members were collecting signatures at South Point Save-On-Foods on September 4 when McCallum arrived, which was followed by a verbal altercation, KTRIS founder Ivan Scott said.

“He was next to the car, she moved the car. He was standing there… What happened is he’s pretending, and I think that’s hogwash on his part, he’s pretending she rolled on his foot, ”Scott said. .

Police were then called to the scene, but not an ambulance, Scott added.

As for the statuses called September 11, Tieleman said the group is wondering who called them.

“This is exactly the question we want to know. We don’t know who is leading the municipal staff on this, ”he said.

“It’s not like it’s a secret. We posted on Twitter and we emailed our fans… someone decided, someone sent the rules officers to the park to issue a ticket. And we would like to know what the chain of command is on this. “

Com. Brenda Locke, who was in Dogwood Park with the canvassers when the ticket was issued, said “obviously it was ordered”.

“It was deliberate, there was no doubt about it.”

She pointed to Scott’s comments last week that the mayor had threatened to ask the officers of the orders to remove the activists from Save-On-Foods.

“Someone is asking the top management to do it. “

– With files from Tom Zytaruk, Aaron Hinks

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