Survival Thriller Broken Pieces hits PC weeks before consoles

Broken Pieces, the first adventure from French developer Elseware Experience, is out now on PC, but console players will have to wait until Halloween.

Parts, the first venture from French developer Elseware Experience’s current team, is out now on PC, but console gamers will have to wait over seven more weeks to get their hands on it. Publisher Freedom Games will release the psychological thriller for current and next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but fittingly enough, the team won’t make it available until Halloween.

As described by the game official Press release, the game’s action and plot will center on a lonely female protagonist, Elsie, as she pulls back the curtain on a mysterious cult while searching for her fiancé. The official gameplay trailer features a mix of fights against various types of crawling and flying ghost monsters, as well as a variety of puzzle-solving scenarios. Players will be able to use a weapon crafting system to aid them in battle and access special powers, such as controlling the weather, to solve puzzles and progress through the plot.


As Broken Pieces takes place in the fictional and eerily empty French village of Saint-Exil, the developers have crafted the game’s mysteries and puzzles around the region of the Breton peninsula in France. This setting combines with storyline elements that place the quaint but unsettling village in a timeless state. But the world’s general emptiness and general lack of interpersonal interaction or soundtrack — accessible only by playing tapes left behind by Elsie’s missing fiancé — was intentional.

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“The feeling of isolation was our biggest focus and we explored that in many ways you can only do that in video games,” said project manager Mael Vignaux via a press release. “There’s little to no background music, no NPCs to keep you company, just a handheld camera that feels like it’s stalking you through town. I think everyone can relate to that emotion and being able to convey what Elise is feeling as well is something that we hope people can really relate to.

Developer Elseware Experience’s team consists of Benoit Dereau, who was a level artist/architect for Arcane Studios and Bethesda Softworks’ 2012 action-adventure hit Dishonored, and Mael Vignaux. Broken Pieces marks a new direction for the company, which in the past has focused on thought-provoking virtual reality educational software, such as Artefacts VR, a digital ecology exhibit at Berlin’s Museum of Natural History. As with most of its VR projects, Broken Pieces uses Unreal Engine 4.

The game is currently available on Steam and Epic Game Store. While its sale price is set at $24.99, the publisher is offering it at an introductory price of $19.99 until September 16.

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