Tennessee store advertises yellow Star of David reading: ‘Not vaccinated’

A Tennessee store named hatWRKS has been criticized for advertising the sale of a yellow Star of David labeled “unvaccinated,” according to NewsweekStore owner Gigi Gaskins attempted to promote the offending product on Instagram, in a post that has since been deleted. report, the post quickly gained attention for being insensitive on social media and borderline anti-Semitic. The store owner – who appeared in the original Instagram post wearing the yellow star – responded to outrage over the backlash received. my message? But are you outraged by the tyranny in the world? If you don’t understand what’s going on, it’s on you, not on me, “hatWRKS said in a Friday post, according to Newsweek.” I respect history a lot more by standing with the dead than I do. by offering silence and conformity. It is the worst crime. That was then and it is now. ”The post added that the store will block and remove comments calling for the product, and hopes reviewers will channel their efforts for social justice“ where it belongs ”. report Further notes that the store’s Instagram account contained conspiracy theories that blame Jewish philanthropist George Soros and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates for the coronavirus pandemic.

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