Tennessee Titans star Derrick Henry was better than advertised in 2021

Every time the Tennessee Titans star is back Derrick Henri is mentioned, there are always about two or three conversations that immediately follow. Fans whether or not they’re Titans fans normally say he’s the best running back in the game today. No one in their right mind would dispute that even if they disagreed.

More often than not, that vicious stiff arm ends up in the conversation. If you’re a gamer, whether the Playstation or the XBOX is your weapon of choice, you’ve probably delivered a few if the King is on your Madden Ultimate Team List.

Yet even that being said, one thing we don’t always mention is its explosiveness. He’s a bit like Eric Dickerson that way. Both are great, but once they hit top speed it never feels like they are running that fast. Then again, we never see people run over them from behind either, so maybe that’s an argument that can be destroyed.

Here’s something that will go up to the fancy if you enjoy watching the work of King Henry. Recently, NFL.com’s Nick Shook compiled a list of ten men of the most explosive runners in the 2020 regular season, and those of us who see Henry as more powerful might be surprised and excited by where this young man has fallen.

Tennessee Titans star Derrick Henry is in the top five.

Shook has a nice list here and one of those stories fans would be wise to actually read. The list is compiled using statistics from the NFL Next Gen and is based on a few separate factors: how many runs over ten yards the player has had, how many times he has hit 15 miles per hour or more, and at how often from a percentage point of view, both of these things happened.

Qualified players had to have 100 races or more, they also had to have at least 20 races of ten meters or more. As you can imagine, Lamar Jackson landed ahead of Henry but, to the surprise of some, he ended up in second place with 32 runs over ten meters, which he did 20.1% of the time. time he took in the ball and ran.

Jackson also exceeded 15 miles per hour on 85 different jams. This happened 53.5% of the time.

Kyler Murray led this list with 32 runs over ten meters, which represents 24.1% of his runs. It hit the 15 mph mark 94 times (that’s crazy), budget it. When Murray took off, he hit 15 miles per hour on 70.7% of his interference.

Derrick Henry came in third. Check out his numbers. He had 48 carries over ten yards, making 12.7% of his 378 league-leading carries. He hit 15 miles per hour 89 times, good for second among all running backs in the NFL and 23.5% of his total reach.

The rest of the list, four to ten, stacked up like this: JK Dobbins, Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb, Alvin Kamara, Jonathan Taylor, Darrell Henderson and Damien Harris. The moral of the story is this. The next time you say Derrick Henry’s name, stick to him! Sorry. It was hard to resist, but the fact remains. King Henry is not just a workaholic. He’s one of the most explosive runners in the game.

Hey, you know how the old saying goes. People are lying. The numbers don’t. Now, after a season where the Tennessee Titans star joined the 2,000-yard club, it will be interesting to see what he does for a recall in 2021.

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