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The Pine Bluff Publicity and Promotion Commission finance committee met for its monthly meeting on Monday August 23 at Artspace on Main Street. The committee discussed various financial reports for the A&P committee and the Civic Auditorium Complex Commission that covers the convention center.

Led by Dr. Glen Brown Jr., the committee mentioned some concerns about balancing the budget at the convention center. In the past, the committee covered half of the centre’s annual expenses. Since the 2020 pandemic, convention center spending has doubled, including staff costs, while revenues have declined.

A&P has also considered reducing financial support to the Convention Center from 15% to 20%. The committee agreed to continue discussing this matter as it progressed. A draft 2022 budget proposal was also on the list of topics that the committee intends to complete and vote on. from the deployment of the last months of the year.

New business on the agenda included the resolution supporting the Delta Rhythm and Bayous Cultural District which was approved earlier this month at the city council meeting. A&P discussed partial funding for this project over a seven-year period and proposed the resolution to the A&P Commission main committee meeting on Wednesday, August 25 at 4 p.m.

Saracen Casino has announced its willingness to partner with A&P to use the casino’s tax revenues for the project. William Moss, who is excited about the project, told the committee what he thinks they should do to move forward.

Before the committee can approve this idea, the Publicity and Promotion Commission meeting will be held at Artspace on Main Street on Wednesday, August 25 to make the final decision.

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