The latest case of editor Benedict Fox switching to a 4-day work week

Rogue Games, publisher of GamesCom’s most anticipated Xbox game, The Last Case Of Benedict Fox, is moving to a four-day work week.

Co-founder and CEO Matt Casamassina made the announcement on his LinkedIn page (Going through, explaining that “life is too short” to spend so much at the office.

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“As we prepared for PAX West, it was a mad scramble, with an increased workload under tighter deadlines, and it caused the company’s leadership team to think about working hours and quality of life for all employees,” Casamassina wrote. “So I’m thrilled to announce that starting just days after the end of PAX in early September, Rogue is instituting a permanent four-day work week for all employees. Every Friday off. No overtime the other days.”


Casamassina added that he expects this change will require some adjustments for his developers and business partners, but hopes the change will be “immaterial” to outside observers.

“In fact, I bet it will encourage greater productivity and greater focus from people when they’re at work – not that we’re falling short here now,” Casamassina added. “In the meantime, the extra day and a permanent three-day weekend are absolutely essential to the lives of our employees.”

Some evidence suggests that increased productivity is exactly what will happen. Various indie developers reported similar or better productivity after switching to a four-day work week, including Kitfox Games, KO_OP, Armor Games, and Young Horses. All found a four-day week to be very beneficial to employee health, and none needed to push deadlines just to work a day less.

Outside of independent publishers and developers, however, things are a different story. Workers at Activision and Nintendo of America report horrible work environments and low wages, prompting some workers to organize. Activision already has an officially recognized union formed from its Raven Software QA team, and its Albany office is looking to follow suit with an official union vote.

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