The pandemic serves as a catalyst for well-being and well-being, Mia Kyricos told StarrCast

Lisa Starr, Director of Wynne Business and 35-year spa and wellness industry veteran, started the StarrCast podcast, interviewing wellness professionals about their career path.

Industry figure and consultant Mia Kyricos was the final guest, discussing her predictions on industry trends and how she sees significant growth potential in wellness, real estate and tech communities. well-being.

Kyricos sits on several boards, most notably as a founding member of the board of directors of the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) and the Global Wellness Summit, and now focuses on strategic and brand consulting within his firm of advising Kyricos & Associates.

“Overall, I think we’ll see a deepening and widening of each of the GWI industry bubbles. Wellbeing isn’t slowing down anytime soon as COVID-19 serves as a catalyst for the wellness and wellness industry, ”she said.

“People are also changing direction and the conversation we tried to have about life and good behavior at work and in our communities has been accelerated.

“The pandemic has reminded us of our mortality and, more than anything, the importance of our health. It has leveled the playing field globally and it’s exciting for all of us in the industry.

Starr agreed and said consumers are now starting to truly understand and commit to wellness.

“At the end of the day, we are definitely in the prevention business and this guarantees our longevity for years to come,” Kyricos added.

“We have the power to help people live longer, happier and richer lives, and that’s a real privilege. We need more people to help move this work forward and I have never been as optimistic as I am today in the field of wellness and wellness.

Kyricos is one of eight interviews from the first season of StarrCast, where individuals from six countries reflect on their careers and experience in the industry (see list below).

Hailing from all over the world, the people interviewed in the podcast come from very different backgrounds, ranging from hospitality, foodservice and fitness, to fields such as linguistics, law, marketing, investment and finance. academia.

The goal of the podcast is to encourage people with established careers who want to change, or young people who are thinking about their future, to consider a position in the wellness industry.

“I started the podcast because so many of us in the spa and wellness industry have taken different paths to our fulfilling jobs, and I’ve always found the stories fascinating,” Starr said.

“There are so many opportunities to work in wellness, but the career paths are indefinite, often unpredictable and even unplanned. ”

StarrCast will cover the entire spectrum of the wellness industry including spa and beauty, holistic and integrative health, nutrition, fitness, workplace wellness, wellness tourism and communities. of well-being.

Seasons two and three will be released in the coming weeks.

Programming for the first season of StarrCast

  • Alfrida Boinett, CEO Private Collection, Kenya
  • Andrew Gibson, well-being visionary, Sweden
  • Elena Bogacheva, President Spa & Wellness International Council, Russia
  • Karen Mitchell, beautician, UK
  • Mia Kyricos, President, Kyricos & Associates, United States
  • Michael Tompkins, Partner, Hutchinson Consulting, United States
  • Sara Jones, Financial Director and Editor of Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe, Mexico
  • Tara Grodjesk, Vice President of Massage, Spa and Wellness at Living Earth Crafts, USA

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