The Settlers release date delayed indefinitely due to fan feedback

The Settlers release date is delayed indefinitely following critical fan feedback from the game’s closed beta sessions.

Closed beta testing was opened earlier in January, allowing Ubisoft to receive feedback from fans of the game. After nearly a month of testing, it has been determined that the game is still far from its envisioned state. . In a tweet, Ubisoft says:

“As we reviewed this feedback, it became clear to our team that the quality was not yet in line with the team’s vision.”

Ubisoft says they will use the extended time period resulting from the delay to further improve the game and make quality the developers’ top priority. The developers didn’t specify what kind of feedback they received, but we’ve seen tweets and comments about how the new Settlers game deviates so much from the original series. We didn’t see or hear any complaints about performance or balancing. Whatever the reason, it’s always refreshing to see big developers and publishers feeling more comfortable accepting delays. While delays can upset fans, investors, and other stakeholders, it’s still the best decision to make if a game isn’t ready for launch just yet.

First announced at Gamescom 2018, The Settlers will be a reboot of the classic series. The game is still made by the original developers, Blue Byte, now under the Ubisoft Dusseldorf banner, using the Snowdrop engine. As a reboot of the series, The Settlers retains the city-building aspects of its predecessors, but puts more emphasis on real-time strategy gameplay and warfare. The game also appears to be designed for competitive play, allowing up to 2v2 multiplayer gameplay. There is a campaign mode and a skirmish mode that can be played.

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