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From the Tioga Arts Council:

Tioga Arts Council (TAC) has a special announcement! Fannie C. Hyde Charitable Trust has awarded $ 8,498 to TAC to create a children’s area and a Zine library in the back part of our building at 179 Front Street in Owego.


The renovations will support the creation of two new spaces in our building:

Children’s gallery space

The gallery would be created by installing and painting new display walls, as well as purchasing new lighting and suspension systems in the space that leads from our current office to the back entrance of the building. In this space, children of all ages could exhibit works of art; learn how to create a solo or group art exhibition; and create small works with art supplies provided by TAC.

Zine Library

TAC also has a collection of zines (also known as house magazines, chapbooks, or brochures). With this support, we will create a space to showcase our zine library and encourage zine creation! Once the challenges of COVID-19 begin to subside, this space will also serve as a mixed-use area, where small groups – like book or book clubs, knitting groups, computer classes, etc. etc. – will be able to meet and establish links around common interests. .

Work’s extent

In December 2020 and January 2021, volunteers began cleaning up the space and preparing for demolition. Additional work valued at $ 1000 was donated by the following TAC volunteers / board members:

T. Benjamin Hobbs, Stanton Hill Studios

Tim Jackson, Tim Jackson Designs and Katie Kreations

Darryl Lindsay, M&T Bank

Suzanne Poe, Cloud Croft Studios

Brandon Smith, Scott, Smith & Son

In February 2021, we are preparing the next phase of work which will consist of:

Install and paint new drywall

Remove existing flooring and install new non-slip and water-resistant laminate flooring – updating the space while improving its functionality and safety

Repair of the existing hardwood floor in a section of this building

Purchase and installation of new lighting

The work will be completed by our Ahwaga paint and flooring as well as Rick Arnold.

Look ahead

Once complete, TAC will host a ribbon cutting for our Kids Gallery and Zine Library, facilitate a Zine Exchange to build our collection, and host other arts-related youth activities. We will also look to reconfigure our offices and possibly add retail space in 2021.

Over the long term, TAC will continue to seek funding to support building renovations as part of our Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) matching commitment. All renovation projects will aim to:

Preserve and improve our historic building

Maximize our space to better serve our community and advance our mission

Inspire and support a vibrant and creative community in and around Tioga County

While renovations are underway in February, TAC will not have an exhibit in our gallery and office hours will be limited. Please email [email protected] or call 607.687.0785 if you need assistance. For the most recent information, subscribe to our e-Newsletter or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tiogaarts.council.

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