Ubisoft Connect must be fully encrypted: user blocking, large group chats and other new features

Ubisoft has confirmed that its Connect will receive a new chat application that will fully encrypt your conversations.

On top of that, the giant game publisher also announced that the popular Ubisoft Connect will also have new advanced features that will further enhance your online experience.

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Ubisoft Connect’s new chat app will fully encrypt your convos: here are more details

If you have no idea what Ubisoft Connect is, it is a company’s multiplayer and communications service. It has been specially designed to provide an experience similar to the achievements or other awards offered by other giant game publishers and developers.

“Since launch, we have strived to provide a global ecosystem across all platforms,” said Ubisoft.

“As part of this, we made the difficult decision to remove the cat from the PC overlay by going back to the drawing board to reorganize the service from scratch to align it with the rest of the Ubisoft Connect experience.” , added giant games publisher.

New advanced features of Ubisoft Connect

Currently, Ubisoft is releasing updates for its gaming products, such as the popular “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla”. But, the giant game publisher has said it is now focusing on its Connect multiplayer service.

Ubisoft Connect's new chat app will fully encrypt your convos: here are more details

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According to the latest report from The Gamer, new features of Ubisoft Connect include the latest chat app, which can encrypt user messages. On top of that, the popular Ubisoft Connect also offers user blocking functionality, user reports, and large group chats.

On the other hand, Ubisoft has also confirmed that Connect’s new app will replace the current chat service offered on the platform. This means that users should prepare for the arrival of the new chat app, because once it is fully established, their active chats and old chat histories will be deleted.

Other features arrived

Additionally, Ubisoft Forums reported that the new large group chat feature will be limited to 24 members as of now. The giant game publisher said it would allow them to maintain the best user experience they offer.

However, Ubisoft said existing groups with less than 24 users will remain the same. This means that these groups will not be able to add additional members.

The group chat limitation will only apply if you do not complete the maximum number of users within 30 days.

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