What prompted Laxmi Foods to advertise on the Times Square billboard?

Run by Togglehead India, the Canada-based South Asian food brand’s campaign aims to reach its core consumers in New York City.

Laxmi Foods was recently featured on a New York Times Square billboard. The outdoor ad, produced by Togglehead India, was an extension of the Canada-based South Asian food brand’s Diwali 2021 campaign that featured actress and brand ambassador Shilpa Shetty.

It’s interesting to see the wholesale distribution company featured on a Times Square billboard.

Krish Ramnani, Co-Founder and Director of Togglehead India, told afaqs !, “The idea behind the Times Square presentation was that the brand’s main consumer was mostly from South Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. And, according to our research, the most densely populated place with the primary target audience is New York City. ”

Ramnani adds that it was the agency’s idea to feature the brand in Times Square. The brand’s campaign brief was simply aimed at reaching its primary consumers.

It also marks the start of the brand’s 50th anniversary legacy campaign that will roll out next year (2022). This is a digital campaign that will be amplified on various platforms.

The Times Square report lasted a day. In addition to outside media, the campaign also featured TV and print ads, as part of its media mix.

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