Why the next Silent Hill should be a remake, not a sequel

After the resounding success of the Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy VII remakes, it might be time for Konami to revisit the original Silent Hill.

It has been eight years since the infamous PT seen the light of day. The playable demo was well received by audiences, and many reviewers praised it for its innovative take on the genre. While some worried about a fresh take on the franchise, others looked forward to a long overdue fresh start. However, Silent Hills’ a seemingly bright future quickly fell into obscurity after Konami’s Hideo Kojima spinoff in 2015. Although the praised playable teaser received numerous accolades in the meantime, it was eventually pulled from the PlayStation 4 Store.

At the end of 2020, rumors about the Konami multiple silent Hill the projects began to circulate on the Internet. The company reportedly intended to showcase its progress at last year’s E3, but some unforeseen development hurdles stymied those plans. In a YouTube interview that was taken down shortly after it went live in February 2021, longtime series composer Akira Yamaoka hinted at a new project that fans have been eager to hear about. Although the mysterious project was not announced during the summer of 2021 as expected, many are hoping to see Konami release more information at one of the upcoming shows this year.

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Silent Hills PT gameplay screenshot.

Besides the sudden cancellation of silent hills, the franchise has been through a few tough times that have thrown it off course before. While some installments fared better than others, most of them barely had any connection to the original game, but remained safely interwoven into the expanded game. silent Hill universe. In 2009, however, Konami took a chance on returning to the roots of the franchise by reimagining the game’s story without changing the premise in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Veteran fans weren’t too fond of the new gameplay mechanics that felt out of place or the flow of events in the game, which ultimately led to unfavorable reviews and below-average sales.

Konami had all the tools and experience to run a reinvented project silent Hill reboot as a result, but it failed to live up to fan expectations. After all, exploring the concept of alternate universes, global realities, and time travel wasn’t something Konami wasn’t familiar with outside of silent Hill franchise. In 2001, the company launched The shadow of memoriesan entry that paid homage to various parapsychological aspects of intermittent timelines and whose reception prompted the game’s director to create another hit title with a similar plot seven years later, Slack time. That said, it’s also safe to say that any approach to reimagining was ahead of its time, perhaps even by today’s mixed standards.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories Cropped Kaufman Sessions

Over the past decade, a lot has changed in terms of audience receptivity to reinvented ideas. Whether advances in technology or the growth of communities of gamers with polarized opinions have contributed to favorable change in the video game industry is often raised as a major talking point in the media. Yet publishers and developers bold enough to take a leap of faith in a new direction have proven that if approached correctly, a quick return to a series’ roots can not only pay dividends, but restore the brand. .

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The remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy VII are two great examples of Capcom and Square Enix’s willingness to listen to the franchise’s fanbase and do what’s right rather than what’s practical. With the lifting of the engine constraints of two and a half decades ago, the developers were able to expand on the original story and work outside of the previously imposed hardware limitations. This resulted in two stellar games that made up for their shortcomings by improving structural quality in various departments, such as combat, difficulty curve, visual fidelity, story execution, and interpersonal relationships, to say the least. to name a few.

Silent Hill 2

While the poor reception of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories may have deterred Konami from pursuing a remake of the original in the past, it hasn’t stopped fans from uploading countless previews or trailers of what the remake could potentially look like. The latest video paying homage to the original silent Hill was uploaded by a YouTube channel named Codeless Studios. The four and a half minutes pre-alpha game footage of the inciting incident perfectly captures the infamous atmosphere of the game, which paved the way for silent Hillthe popularity of in a sea of ​​mediocre survival horrors that plagued the early 3D era.

Although Kojima’s fate silent hills was unhappy, it may also have been a blessing in disguise. The lifespan of long-running franchises isn’t determined by the number of consecutive installments, but by the publisher’s ability to make amends when necessary and listen to its fan base. To that end, Konami could take inspiration from Capcom and Square Enix’s books, or even follow in Remedy’s footsteps. Alan WakeDontnod’s twin mirror and the Bloober team The way. All things considered, the silent Hill franchise needs a remake of the original game and certainly not another installment resting on its laurels.

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