Woman advertises for farmer to marry her best friend

You’ve heard of Farmer Wants a Wife – now Kiwi Liv Kay wants to find a farmer to marry her best friend.

When she met farmer Ollie Kay, she left the great smoke of Auckland for the hills of King Country and hasn’t looked back since. But while she loves the farmhouse lifestyle in Waitomo, she misses one thing: her best friend Amber.

“I miss my friends a lot. It was the one thing I struggled with moving to the farm. I always joked about their move,” Kay told the NZ Herald.

Originally from Taranaki, she moved to Waiheke when she was 12, where she met Amber at the pony club. Now 27, the two girls have been inseparable ever since, until Kay met and married Ollie in a once-in-a-lifetime love affair.

“I practically moved in on the second date,” she jokes. “And I never left.” They got married this year – Amber was a bridesmaid. Now Kay has taken it upon herself to find a farmer to marry Amber, also 27, and get her out of town.

“It started out as a joke,” she shares, “but you never know what might happen. I called her and I was laughing and I said, ‘you think about me writing you an announcement?’

“I just think farmers are so great, there are so many great guys in rural communities. I always joke with my friends that they have to find a farmer and she will thrive on a farm. She broke down and said, “Why not, go ahead”.

So Kay shared a post on the NZ Farming Community Notices Facebook page with photos of Amber.

“After countless hours of brainstorming…I came to the conclusion that I needed to find her an eligible female farmer from mighty Waikato so that she too could say goodbye to the city and join me on my journey. to learn all about the farming lifestyle,” she wrote.

She wrote that Amber is an “absolute looker” who can “put up fences, clean troughs and also cook a mean curry” and comes with her very own border collie. Trained as a veterinary nurse and now working in pet nutrition, she is a “beautiful, kind soul” who loves a good laugh.

It wasn’t long before countless messages were pouring in from men all over the country and Kay began screening all potential dates.

“Even someone from Gore was like, ‘hey!’ I was like, I’m not going to push her away any more!

Kay is quite impressed with the responses so far, saying “everyone has been really respectful.”

“A guy sent this nice long message, everyone was really nice.

“It’s such a good laugh for both of us and really heartwarming too, to see how many people took it seriously and made the effort to step out of their comfort zone and send a beautiful message.”

Throughout the process, Amber has been “such a great sport,” Kay says. “I think most people would be embarrassed.”

And it turns out Amber has been on a few dates with someone already. Kay reveals that everything is going well and that she is not taking any more applications at the moment.

Whether Amber finds love or not, Kay thinks she’s destined for rural life.

“She would need a reason to live near me and my husband,” she jokes.

“She has her own thing, but I can definitely see her moving to a rural setting. She is super independent and she has a great career. But she can work remotely, we thought about that and it would work.

Kay says there’s something of a “rural-urban divide” when it comes to dating – and hopes her post will help change people’s perception of farmers.

“I had a very different perception of what agriculture was like when I lived in Ponsonby. But there are some truly amazing, caring farmers out there and if more people in the city spent more time on a farm, they would understand how amazing the lifestyle and people can be.

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