Xbox Game Pass Family Sharing Reportedly Under Development, Release Date Coming Soon

Microsoft would bring a feature that parents with Xbox consoles are asking for: Xbox Game Pass Family Sharing. According to a report from Windows Central, trusted sources have revealed that an Xbox Game Pass family plan, which other subscription services like Nintendo Switch Online and Netflix have, will arrive later this year.

How will Family Sharing work with Xbox Game Pass?

The current “Family Sharing” feature for Xbox Game Pass is admittedly long and obtuse, requiring an Xbox console to be designated as the Xbox Game Pass holder’s primary console. While this would allow other family members in the household to access the Xbox Game Pass subscription by accessing that home console, it is only through this single point and all hoops that the subscription holder must crossing does not facilitate the process.

Apparently, Microsoft had long wanted to introduce a true Xbox Game Pass family plan behind the scenes; however, given some of the offers it has already accepted from publishers and developers to have their games on the subscription service, it’s unclear how to distribute the funds appropriately from a family plan. . That said, it looks like Microsoft has worked through the issues and will continue with its plan.

The Xbox Game Pass family plan would have multiple tiers, with the highest tier allowing up to five players from a single country to access the subscription service. Like other services on the market, one of the plan members will need to be the primary account holder, responsible for adding or removing permissions for household members.

However, at present, several details are still unclear, as Xbox Game Pass has separate versions between PC and Xbox consoles. It also has a Basic plan versus the Ultimate plan, which might add to the complication. Either way, Microsoft is expected to announce how the Xbox Game Pass family sharing features will work in due course.

In other news, the director of Tekken 7 wants fans to stop asking him about the Elden Ring mod for the game, and the two-week free period for Call of Duty Vanguard has already started.

[Source: Windows Central]

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